Gossamer Dreams is a collective of handcrafted business run by talented mums in Australia.

We work as a collective to bring you an online pop-up shop once a month for just 48 hours.  Each pop-up shop is based around a set theme and includes an array of amazing handmade goods.

The 2016 Gossamer team is....

Carrie of The Cats Meow
Cath  of Mama28 Dolls
Christine of Mini-Me Handcrafts
Megan of Totally Bummed 

In addition we invite other awesome handcrafted businesses to join us each month to provide a wider array of items.

Nature has it all sorted – there are no two Zebras that look alike, so why do you little ones need to look the same as everyone else at the shopping centre or in the playground?
The Climbing Tree makes clothes for kids who like to climb trees, so fun, functional and practical without compromising on style, colour or quality. All our items are one-offs with fabrics purchased in small qualities to ensure each item is unique.
But its not just about kids, on occasion you will see clothing and bags for mummys as well.

After many years trying out different creative pursuits, it was a need to make a special piece of jewellery for her own personal use that eventually lead Liz to create Cherish Jewellery Designs.
She has been creating jewellery since 2006 selling occasionally to family and friends but in 2012 she decided to take it one step further and start selling at markets. This changed everything. She is now a regular at The Handmade Expo Markets making classic, contemporary and charming jewellery pieces. Her collections include jewellery that has great wear-ability using bright and colourful resins to more classic pieces that use freshwater pearls, gemstones and sterling silver.

I'm Catherine, the Mama & the creator here at Mama28 Dolls.
Having 7 girls of my own, I'm well aquainted with Dolls.
I fell in love with waldorf dolls as I watched my children enjoy their old fashioned simplicity.
I have taken much pleasure in seeing many children (& adults), both boys & girls enjoy the unique companion I have created.
When I'm not tending to any of my 7 wonderful daughters, (usually this is after midnight), I can be found covered in wool fluff, surrounded by fabric & mohair & other wonderful dolly ingredients, creating these precious friends.
Each doll is made with 100% cotton skin, firmly stuffed with clean Aussie wool, & as I hand embroider each little face, I watch a personality come alive! Follow my dolly adventures on FB at Mama28 Dolls.

Mini-Me Handcrafts is an eclectic collection of fashion and fun in crochet, knitting and weaving! 
My name is Christine and I am a mum to 1 mostly gorgeous mini-me. I am located in beautiful Canberra, our Nation's capital.
I have always loved handcrafts. My grandmother taught me crochet and embroidery when I was quite young.
Mini-Me Handcrafts was started in February 2011 after my daughter started school and I was looking for a creative outlet. I love to try new patterns and designs. I also love to use hand dyed and hand spun yarns, and you will find that I often use these for my scarves and cowls, supporting other friends in the world of handmade.
Most of my items are one of a kind; all are hand crafted with love.

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